Trevor Carlson, B.Sc.

Trevor is a Senior Principal Environmental Consultant based in Saskatchewan with more than 25 years of experience focused on environmental remediation projects including the characterization and remediation of hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, inorganics, and radionuclides.

With experience helping clients manage their environmental issues, Trevor has extensive in situ remediation experience using various technologies including biological, chemical oxidation, and mechanical extraction. He assists clients throughout Canada, the United States, Chile, and Tasmania. He has contributed to technological advancements in biological remediation, natural source zone depletion (NSZD), and in situ ozone-based destruction of VOCs.

Trevor has managed a wide variety of environmental projects for the mining, oil and gas, and chemical manufacturing industries. He also has experience managing projects for federal, provincial, and state agency clients. These projects include work at industrial manufacturing facilities, defence sites, indigenous lands, retail facilities, and federal and state superfund sites. These sites involved overcoming various contaminant challenges including various metals, radioactive materials, pesticides, fertilizer compounds, VOCs, and petroleum, and both crude and refined products.

Trevor also helps clients navigate the regulatory requirements facing the industry at federal, provincial, and state levels and in providing strategic support with pre-purchase due diligence programs associated with manufacturing, mining, and energy sectors sites.

Trevor advances the state of the practice as a frequent guest lecturer on impacted site assessment and remediation at universities in Canada, the United States, and Portugal. He has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and uses collaboration and good science to find innovative solutions for complex environmental problems.


Site Assessment and Remediation, Regulatory Permitting, Merger and Acquisition Support, Multi-Site Portfolio Strategy Development, and Sustainability Audits

Practice Areas

Contaminated Site Assessment and Cleanup, Environmental Management, and Water and Natural Resources


Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences


B.Sc., Biology, University of Regina, Saskatchewan, 1994