Innovation for Practical Solutions

Our company was founded on innovation.

Innovation is integrated into our Strategic Plans, is a core component of our culture, and is a reason creative and critical thinkers join and stay with us.

Our people help shape the state of the practice through joint research and project work with science and engineering faculties at top universities around the world. We are continuously involved in original research, development, and application of emerging techniques and technologies. As a direct outcome of this collaborative research, Geosyntec subsidiary businesses (SiREM and Savron) were founded in Canada to provide unique laboratory services supporting environmental programs and smouldering technologies for cleanup of recalcitrant sites.

Our internal research and development is organized through the Innovation Council. Geosyntec’s Innovation Council advances our mission to create value for our clients, colleagues, and shareholders by fueling our culture of innovation through programs that address the entire path a new idea takes to become a useful technology, from conducting proof-of-concept R&D to bringing these new solutions to the market and the field all the way to full commercialization. The Innovation Council provides research grants to our colleagues and research collaborators to test out and advance our employee’s ideas, as well as support partnerships with leading-edge research programs at top universities. The Innovation Council also directly supports commercialization of new technologies developed by our employees and with our research partners, providing entrepreneurial guidance, mentoring, and funding.

Through these programs, the Innovation Council enhances our culture of bold thought, rigorous research, and practical application, fostering this mindset among employees at every level of the company.

The work we do through the Council enhances our relationships with top-tier universities, grants us access to research and recruiting opportunities, inspires new recruits, and lights our way as we build out our strategies and pursue new opportunities for growth.