Sustainability and ESG

Investors and consumers increasingly demand companies improve their operations as measured by Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards. Purposeful ESG and sustainability programs demonstrate to stakeholders a company’s commitment to operate responsibly in everything they do. A tailored ESG strategy can mitigate business risks, leverage opportunities, and drive long-term business value.

Geosyntec helps our clients identify ways to embed ESG and sustainability goals into their business operations so they can create new sources of value in the way they deliver their core products and services. ESG and sustainability goals often involve exceeding minimal regulatory standards. A number of standards have emerged to measure a company’s performance in this regard, including Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Companies which are viewed as ESG leaders gain a competitive advantage as their performance is compared with that of industry peers by priority stakeholders. Currently, primary ESG issues of concern to stakeholders include carbon neutrality; climate change risk; diversity, equity, and inclusion; safety issues and data security; board diversity; and executive pay.

Companies are turning to consultants like Geosyntec to help select the appropriate ESG framework for their business and goals, to evaluate the issues that matter most to priority stakeholders, to identify ESG and sustainability key performance indicators to monitor progress, and to develop public reports that resonate with stakeholders. Our dedicated team of ESG practitioners is experienced at assessing and reporting the impacts of client ESG and sustainability practices, and developing practical plans to improve data-driven progress toward goals.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) are an effective tool for transforming ESG and sustainability initiatives from random acts of sustainability kindness into a connected, strategic pathway toward a more responsible future. Geosyntec helps clients develop effective ESG and sustainability programs using our understanding of the collaborative capacity between businesses, governments, and society and how we can work together to make them leaders in reimagining, rebuilding, and transforming our global economy to benefit business, society, and the planet.

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