Michaye McMaster, M.Sc.

Michaye is a Senior Principal Scientist based in Ontario with over 25 years of experience focused on the development, field testing, and general application of treatment systems to remediate soil and groundwater at sites across North and South America, Europe, and Australia.

Michaye is the project director for several large multi-disciplinary teams for the design and implementation of full-scale soil and groundwater remediation projects for multinational clients. Her area of expertise includes development of remedies for emerging contaminants (e.g., PFAS). She has experience in source zone remediation of dense non-aqueous phased liquids (DNAPLs), and monitored natural attenuation (MNA) and enhanced in situ bioremediation (EISB) of chlorinated solvents and other recalcitrant compounds. She is project director/technical lead for a complex emerging contaminant investigation at a PFAS manufacturing facility. She has been project director for first-to-field full-scale applications of innovative technologies for challenging sites, including partitioning electron donors for TCE source treatment and self-sustaining treatment for active remediation (STAR) for a large coal-tar impacted site.

Michaye has a proven track record of project and team management, developing business opportunities, and bringing technical talent together to address client needs. Her abilities include excellent communication and organizational skills, mentoring, technical, analytical, and presentation skills.


Groundwater Assessment and Remediation, Specialized In Situ Treatment Technologyand Brownfields Redevelopment Planning and Design

Practice Areas

Contaminated Site Assessment and Cleanup


Earth Sciences, Microbiology, Environmental Sciences


M.Sc., Earth Science (Hydrogeology), University of Waterloo, 1996; B.Sc., Biology, University of Waterloo, 1991