Information Management

Geosyntec’s information management professionals are experienced in managing, analyzing, and visualizing data and other environmental information. We deliver innovative technology-driven solutions and services of exceptional value internally to project teams and externally directly to clients.

Environmental Data Interpretation, Synthesis, and Visualization

Environmental data management, analysis, and visualization services are indispensable tools for cost-effective collection, management, and interpretation of the millions of bits of digital information that are required to make sound business decisions.

Geosyntec’s environmental data management professionals specialize in developing systems to bring order to data, allowing environmental/site conditions to be visualized, providing technical context for the conditions observed, and creating a forum for decision makers to come to a common understanding of the story that the data tell. We create systems that are essential tools in permit management, compliance monitoring, environmental investigation, and remediation.

Geosyntec’s secure Data Clearinghouse allows custom visualization and reporting of data in Electronic Data Deliverables and data entered into forms or spreadsheets. Site mangers (or other permitted users) can immediately see those data in a variety of reports (temporal trends, summary statistics, exceedances, etc.) and interactively in a webmap.

Construction Information Management Systems

Geosyntec provides engineering, technical, and construction management data support services, including a range of data collection, management and visualization tools that support Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) programs.

Geosyntec specializes in the development of GIS-based productivity tools that allow data collection, compilation, analysis, visualization, and presentation in real time for dams, deep foundations, and other construction projects with significant geotechnical considerations. This includes the design and implementation of mobile data collection applications, web dashboards and reporting tools, as-built drawing automation, and integration of automated data acquisition systems (ADAS), with a focus on developing interfaces between the data and the user that allows real time decision making regarding dam safety concerns.

GopherIMS is a data collection and visualization platform for concrete and earthwork quality control. It is an easy-to-use information management system (IMS) platform that allows contractors to easily upload geotechnical, concrete, and earthwork quality control data using mobile forms tested across many projects and in formats that are compatible with many major laboratories and testing contractors. The system, which is supported by experts at Geosyntec, visualizes and summarizes data and offers intuitive, useful, and compliant analyses.

Our practitioners have developed capabilities and experience in the following:

  • Water conservation, reuse, and minimization
  • Water and wastewater treatment planning, engineering design, and project delivery
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk management and process safety
  • Water reduction and wastewater source characterization
  • Troubleshooting and optimization of existing systems
  • Residuals treatment and management

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