Vapour Intrusion Assessment and Mitigation

When a site involves volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in soil or groundwater, those chemicals can volatilize and migrate into nearby buildings presenting a health hazard to those inside. Not only that, but most buildings also contain other sources of volatile contaminants that are related to ongoing operations or consumer products. Because the same chemicals can be present in the subsurface, in chemicals used on-site, and in other products, investigation and mitigation can become complicated.

Geosyntec has more highly experienced vapour intrusion (VI) practitioners than any other consulting firm in the world. We have created a center of excellence that draws the best and brightest minds to provide the best service available. Our staff are geographically distributed, but function as one coherent team within the firm. We provide the right person for the job, and we can handle accelerated schedules by increasing project staff allocation better than any other firm. Our practitioners have authored more than 100 VI-related scientific, regulatory, and guidance documents, have participated in developing the Johnson & Ettinger model, writing USEPA and ITRC guidance, and ASTM standards.

Geosyntec has worked on thousands of vapour intrusion (VI) projects at operating and former industrial sites, residential neighbourhoods, commercial buildings, dry cleaner sites, military facilities, schools, and public buildings. With thousands of buildings mitigated by our experts, we know where to find cost saving opportunities while maintaining or improving system effectiveness.

  • We use new technologies and passive systems to reduce operating costs, and we offer real time system monitoring
  • When mitigation is necessary, we use focused designs to minimize the system footprint and energy use, reduce iterative system testing, and lower overall life cycle costs
  • There are creative ways to redevelop sites, including administrative controls that reduce or eliminate the need for mitigation, and advanced technologies like aerated flooring

Our vapour intrusion services include the following:

  • Subslab and Soil Vapour Testing
  • Indoor Air Testing
  • Mass Flux Evaluation
  • Conceptual Site Model
  • Risk Assessment
  • Vapour Intrusion Management and Exit Strategies
  • Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Design, Installation, and Operations
  • Litigation Support

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