Kristin Salzsauler, M.Sc., P.Geo.

Kristin is a Senior Principal Geochemist based in British Columbia with more than 18 years of experience leading characterizations of mine wastes and finding innovative solutions to manage them, conducting forensic mineralogical and geochemical investigations, and predicting and managing water quality.

Kristin focuses on the mining sector, where she works hand-in-hand with project stakeholders to develop environmentally protective geochemical outcomes for all stages of the mining cycle, including exploration, permitting, engineering design, and closure. Kristin offers clients subject matter expertise related to acid mine drainage and metal leaching, with deep knowledge of how to evaluate selenium and arsenic mobility in field and laboratory settings. She is a skilled geochemical modeller and has experience in a broad range of water quality modelling approaches used to support water management, water treatment, and mine waste management plans for mine operations and mine closure.

To advance the state of the practice, Kristin designs and implements laboratory and field-scale testing programs and associated predictive modelling to develop innovative mine waste management techniques that improve geochemical and geotechnical outcomes. Kristin has a keen interest in integrating the management of tailings and waste rock into water stewardship and sustainability frameworks to address the requirements of industry best practices such as the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management and the Integrated Mine Closure Good Practice Guide.


Acid Mine Drainage and Metal Leaching Assessments, Geochemical and Water Quality Modeling, Mine Exploration and Technical Studies, Mine Waste Management and Mine Water Management Planning, Mine Closure Planning, Source Control Predictions, Mineralogical Analysis, Forensic Investigation, and Environmental Permitting

Practice Areas

Environmental Management, Water and Natural Resources, Geotechnical and GeoEnvironmental Engineering


Geochemistry, Geology


M.Sc., Geological Sciences, University of Manitoba, 2004 B.Sc. (Hons), Geological Sciences, University of Manitoba, 2001


British Columbia Professional Geoscientist, License 164602; Northwest Territories and Nunavut Association Professional Geoscientists, License No. L3315