Transactional Due Diligence Evaluation and Support

Geosyntec's environmental due diligence practice specializes in assisting mergers, divestitures and acquisitions (MD&A) activities by locating hard-to-find environmental liabilities and their underlying financial and business risks.  Our professionals combine technical expertise in conducting and reviewing environmental assessments for producing streamlined recommendations designed to enhance deal flow.

As a member of the CAT Alliance with a presence of environmental practitioners in more than 50 countries, Geosyntec provides environmental due diligence support on across the EU and on a global basis.

We offer an experienced MD&A team who routinely helps property buyers and sellers quickly address large and complex commercial and industrial portfolios well beyond just standard environmental site assessments.

Our MD&A team helps clients evaluate and understand the business/financial risks associated with:

  • Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance issues;
  • Financial reporting requirements;
  • Recalcitrant contamination;
  • Vapor intrusion & indoor air quality concerns;
  • Geotechnical challenges;
  • Hazardous substance-containing building materials;
  • Protected wildlife & wetlands; and
  • Cultural resources.

Geosyntec can bring a unique combination of environmental and hazard risk engineering expertise to bear on sensitive transactions, such as those related to sensitive infrastructure.

Building upon our renowned expertise in environmental remediation, geotechnical, and water resources engineering, the Geosyntec Environmental Liability Valuation (ELV) practice provides clients with technically-sound and defensible valuation of environmental risk to support business decisions related to insurance transactions, risk transfer, financial reporting, and portfolio management.

We have evaluated client property portfolios consisting of individual to thousands of sites and with total alleged or potential environmental liabilities in the billions of dollars.  Geosyntec environmental liability valuation professionals develop and apply customized sophisticated deterministic or stochastic costing tools to prepare estimates consistent with applicable costing standards, such as ASTM 2137-06(2011), for the following types of projects:

  • Business planning (environmental project budgeting, portfolio management systems);
  • Transactional support (MD&A, restructuring, contract negotiation);
  • Financial reporting (environmental contingency reserves, asset retirement obligations);
  • Insurance (cost recovery, underwriting, and claim support); and
  • Litigation support (bankruptcy, cost recovery and allocation, eminent domain)

Geosyntec also helps clients to value environmental assets such as alternative energy project opportunities and carbon emission reduction credits.  Our experience in environmental liability valuation was acknowledged by the National Science Foundation (NSF), which funded Geosyntec to conduct cutting-edge research to develop a numerical modeling tools for quantifying the value of liabilities associated with a portfolio of environmentally impaired properties using "Real Options" analysis, a sophisticated financial technique commonly used to estimate the value of futures and derivatives, but in this case allows for appropriate treatment of uncertainty in valuing assets (e.g., property value) and liabilities (e.g., potential remediation cost).  Geosyntec environmental liability valuation practitioners have used these and other costing techniques to support a wide variety of client business decisions, including to achieve negotiated settlements of billions of dollars worth of historic insurance assets, support large property transactions, and advocate for minimizing clients overall shares of future remediation or claim costs.